Our practice is tailored to provide convenience, comfort, and professional expertise in serving the physical and behavioral healthcare needs of the transgender and gender non-conforming community.  All welcoming individuals are welcomed to access our services.

Meet Our Doctor
Dr. Eva Shaw

She, Her


Solo-Family Medicine Physician in a boutique health care practice offering integrated behavioral health therapy provides affirming primary health care services to all but is tailored to the needs, comfort, convenience, and support of the Triad’s transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, including the provision of gender-affirming hormone therapy when appropriate.

Meet Our Behavioral, Gender Specialist

She, Her

Shana has been working with the transgender community since 2008, is a WPATH GEI Certified gender specialist, and is a co-founder of a local non-profit that assists transgender people. Shana is well known for her LGBQTIA affirmative/ally advocacy and as a therapist; she is often invited to speak on transgender topics. As there is no legal definition of transitioned, what a patient wants is individually determined, and Shana enjoys helping transgender patients and their families get to where they want to go. This can include completing evaluations for those who want to start hormones and assisting those who are interested in gender affirmation surgery. There is no required therapy prior to having an evaluation; however, some patients prefer therapy before they start. Shana can assist patients with understanding the legal process required in North Carolina for name changes; she understands gender marker changes for social security and the passport agency and can sign off on gender marker changes for the DMV.

WHat people are saying

"It is always so inspiring and reassuring when I find a group of clinicians and staff that are clearly dedicated to their clients"

-Michelle F.


It is always so inspiring and reassuring when I find a group of clinicians and staff that are clearly dedicated to their clients….Kalos is that kind of practice! Working with them professionally, it is clear they truly care and go the extra mile to help their clients get the support they need. -Michelle


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Shaw’s for over a year now and can honestly say this is the best care I think a trans person can find anywhere near here. Dr. Shaw knows more than any doctor I’ve met about hormone replacement therapy, and just as importantly, she takes the time to listen and trusts that her patients know what they’re talking about when they express concerns. The office is fantastic to follow up on labs and discuss care options. They offer mental health services as well as medical, and understand how important it is to be informed by both when working with a patient. I’ve never felt belittled, patronized, or talked down to here, and they go out of their way to provide excellent care to all of their patients. She seems to know all of her patients individually and I can tell how important it is to her to tailor treatments to the specific goals and needs of her patients. I cannot recommend this place enough for anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community.

About us

Our Mission

Kalōs Comprehensive Care, PLLC is joint medical and mental health practice opened by Eva Shaw, MD, MPH and Shana Gordon, MA, LCMHCS, DCC, CRC in June 2020. At Kalos Comprehensive Care we provide basic primary care medical services, medication management in addition to mental health counseling. The primary purpose of Kalōs is to provide a comprehensive and full spectrum medical and behavioral health care practice tailored to our Transgender & LGBQ+ community in one convenient location. We encourage your feedback, suggestions, and involvement as we continue to strive towards reaching the pinnacle in quality and continue to expand the array of services that we provide to the Transgender & LGBQ+.